• 3 Important things you need to know about the COVID EIDL Dec. 31 Deadline

    December 23, 2021

    1. There are only two actions that stop on Dec. 31 

    2. SBA will continue to process applications received on or before Dec. 31 until funds are exhausted, including: 

    • Pending loan applications, loan increase requests, applications in reconsideration/appeal
    • Targeted advance applications and reevaluation requests 

    3. You can still make certain requests after Dec. 31 including:

    • Requesting more funds 
      • If you need additional funds and have not reached your maximum loan amount that you are eligible for SBA will accept requests for loan increases for up to 2 years from the origination date of your first loan, or until funds have been exhausted. 
    • Request reconsideration of a declined loan
      • You have up to 6 months from the date of decline to request reconsideration, or until funds are exhausted. 
    • Request an appeal of a declined reconsideration request 
      • You have up to 30 days from the date of the declined reconsideration request to request an appeal, or until funds are exhausted. 
    • Request reconsideration of a declined targeted advance decision 
      • You have up to 6 months from the date of decline to submit one request reconsideration, or until funds are exhausted.
    What should you do?  
    If you have already applied: 
    →Don't panic and be patient. There are still billions of dollars in funds available 
    →Be thorough and responsive. Monitor your portal and emails for actions and requests from SBA. When requesting reconsideration on a decline, take the time you need to craft a clear and thorough response with adequate supporting documentation. 
    →Do get help. Tap into SBA's network of resource partners who can provide assistance at not cost to you. They can help you understand what is required, review your documents, and help you respond to the SBA as needed. craft a response. Find a business advisor near you.
    If you have not applied:
    → If you've been thinking about applying but haven't, don't wait any longer - apply now!