• Amerigroup Washington Helps Young Adults with Disabilities Access the Transportation and Technology

    October 26, 2022
    Amerigroup presents funding to Washington Vocational Services and Adult Transition To Independence Center in commemoration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
    Burlington, Wash. (Oct. 27, 2022) Amerigroup Washington, one of the state’s coordinators of Medicaid managed care health insurance benefits, presented a $10,000 check to Washington Vocational Services (WVS) and the Adult Transition To Independence Center (ATTIC) in commemoration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Funding will be used to help young adults in the ATTIC program, who are pursing employment goals, by helping them access transportation to get to classes and work sites across Skagit County. This funding will also be used to purchase new iPads for students to help them document skills via video capture and showcase their abilities to prospective employers through video resumes.
    ATTIC was founded in 2009 as a transition program that prepares Skagit County youth with disabilities, ages 18 – 21, for employment and independent living. Students come to the ATTIC program from Skagit County high schools for three additional years of training at centrally located facilities in Burlington. ATTIC’s Burlington facility offers classrooms as well as onsite training kitchens, laundry and office environments for hands-on learning. Students also get opportunities to gain Community Based Learning Experiences (CBLEs) at offsite locations, so they can identify what they like and what they are good at to achieve their career goals.
    Amerigroup’s support will help enhance the ATTIC program by not only helping students get to and from the Burlington facility, but also by making more CBLEs and work sites accessible to students. ATTIC is using Amerigroup’s funding to launch a new initiative that covers the cost of transportation for students to get to training sites that are not currently serviced by Skagit Transit or Paratransit, Skagit Transit’s door to door service. This new initiative will also help students afford transportation to job sites that are on the bus line, as well as create Paratransit scholarships to be awarded to students who are unable to ride a fixed route bus.
    “Thanks to Amerigroup’s support, we are creating opportunities and overcoming barriers that can stand in the way of our students’ goals to live and work independently, while making contributions in their community,” said Janet Bruckshen, Executive Director of Washington Vocational Services. “We value our longstanding relationship with Amerigroup and thank them for their ongoing commitment to helping enhance the lives of people with disabilities.”
    During their training, ATTIC students will also use iPads purchased with Amerigroup funding to document and feature their abilities and skills they have learned. This footage will be used to create video resumes that students can present to prospective employers as proof of their work capabilities. It is an innovative approach to overcoming communication challenges and enhancing students’ chances of being hired to work their dream job.
    “Amerigroup has not wavered from its commitment to helping people of all abilities to live their best life, and we will continue to step up to remove barriers that stand in the way of Washingtonians from achieving their best health and life outcomes,” said Anthony E. Woods, President of Amerigroup Washington. “We have enjoyed great relationship with WVS and ATTIC over the years, and we are always proud to see the successes achieved by ATTIC students. We also look forward to ongoing progress and seeing more young people redefine what’s possible in their lives.”
    About Amerigroup Washington
    Amerigroup Washington helps improve health care access and quality for hundreds of thousands of Washington residents across the state by developing innovative care management programs and services. Members are assured care that is not only accessible, but also accountable, comprehensive, integrated and person-centered. Amerigroup Washington provides ongoing community relations and outreach to encourage members to become active participants in improving and managing their health. Through access to health education programs, our members are empowered to choose and sustain a healthy lifestyle. For more information visit www.myamerigroup.com/wa.
    About WAshington Vocational Services (WVS)
    Washington Vocational Services (WVS), a private non-profit founded in 1976, specializes in employment services for individuals with disabilities and stands behind the idea that everybody has employment potential. Our purpose is to match the unique talents of each individual with the specific need of the employer. This agency supports choice, inclusion, and empowerment of all of its participants.  We continue to be an integral part of the communities we work in, which covers the Seattle area to the Canadian border. Our Board of Directors and our dedicated and well-trained staff have assisted well over 4,000 persons who have disabilities succeed in their search for appropriate employment through job supports and transitional youth programs.  For more information visit www.wvs.org
    Amy Suthers
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