• Board of Fire Commissioners passes fire levy lid lift resolution

    May 16, 2023

    Date:                     May 11, 2023     

    Contact:               Fire Chief Ed Tjeerdsma | 360-757-2891 | etjeerdsma@skagitfire6.com 


    Board of Fire Commissioners passes fire levy lid lift resolution Ballot measure to appear on the November general election ballot


    BURLINGTON, WASH. — Skagit County Fire District No. 6 Board of Fire Commissioners passed a resolution to place a fire levy lid lift on the November 7, 2023, general election ballot. If approved by voters, the lid lift will fund additional personnel to respond to higher call volumes.


    “Our call volumes are up 102 percent since 2016 and we require more firefighters to meet the emergency service level needs of our community,” Fire Chief Ed Tjeerdsma said.


    On average, Skagit FD6 responds to 1,200 calls per year – of which 67 percent are for emergency medical service (EMS). Revenue is not keeping up with current demand for services and higher call volumes are leading to longer response times.


    If approved by voters, the fire levy lid lift will fund:

    • Two additional firefighters to reduce response times
    • Replace an aging ambulance, breathing/oxygen tanks and protective gear for firefighters
    • Renovations to add more sleeping quarters at the fire station to increase 24-hour emergency response coverage


    The fire district plans to pay cash for these capital items as opposed to borrowing money which costs taxpayers more in interest payments. These improvements will also maintain or improve the fire district’s risk rating, which is connected to what homeowners pay in insurance premiums.


    Skagit FD6 is asking voters for a $0.35 lid lift to return the fire levy rate to $1.05 per $1,000 of assessed property value. The lid lift would cost the owner of a $400,000 home an additional $140 per year or $11.67 per month.


    More information can be found at www.skagitfire6.com. Fire Chief Ed Tjeerdsma welcomes your questions at etjeerdsma@skagitfire6.com or 360-757-2891.



    Eddie Tjeerdsma , Fire Chief
    etjseedrma@skagitfire6.com, 360-757-2891 x103