• Burlington Chamber of Commerce hires new Membership Development Director

    July 25, 2022
    We are very excited to announce Shelli Jones to the Burlington Chamber Team as our new Membership Development Director. Shelli brings a wealth of knowledge working in the Chamber World, having served with the Bellingham Chamber Team for many years. Shelli's communications and non-profit background bring great value to all of our members in the chamber.
    Outside of the Chamber, Shelli is an avid athlete who hits the gym right at opening each day and starts her day feeling energized! Shelli also loves to spend time outdoors and has made a connection with woodland creatures at her home (a dozen blacktail deer and nine raccoons visit her property daily!)
    Welcome, Shelli Jones to the Burlington Chamber Family!
    Steph Vervaart, President & CEO
    steph@burlington-chamber.com, 3607570994