• Flyers Restaurant and Brewery Wins 3 more Awards at 2 different beer competitions!

    July 03, 2019
    Oak Harbor Washington USA • July 1, 2019 Flyers Restaurant and Brewery claimed  2 golds and 1 bronze medal in 2 recent brewing competitions.
    The North American Brewers Awards announced May 31st. Flyers claimed Gold for Spitfire Best Bitter in the Ordinary Bitter / Best Bitter category. This is the 8th time Spitfire has won an award at a state, national or international beer competition in the last 10 years. https://northamericanbrewers.org/international-beer-awards/
    The Washington Beer Awards announced June 15th Flyers claimed Gold for Heat Seeker Hefe’ in the Other German Wheat Beer category and Bronze for Pacemaker Porter in the Robust Porter category. That makes 3 times for the Heat Seeker Hefe’ and 12 times for the Pacemaker at a state, national or international beer competition. https://wabeerawards.com/?q=press
    Flyers Restaurant and Brewery is a 7-bbl brewpub, located in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island Washington USA that specializes in small batch craft beers in many different styles that opened in November 2005.
    Flyers Restaurant and Brewhouse is our second location at the Port of Skagit at the Skagit Regional Airport that opened October of 2015.
    “I am really excited for our recent ‘good luck’. Each of these competitions features a lot of really great beers from well known and talented brewers. I consider myself fortunate to be in such great company. I am very proud of the fact that we have been able to continue to be recognized over the years, that means we are staying consistent and true to our style. Our first award was 13 years ago since then we have won just over 73 times” said Tony Savoy, Owner and Brewer at Flyers Restaurant and Brewery.
    Tony Savoy, Brewer/Owner
    (360) 675-5858
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