• In Person Photography Classes with Andy Porter are BACK!

    December 28, 2021
    Ready to dive deeper into your photography skills? Excited to put your DSLR to use? We've got upcoming Photography Classes scheduled for 2022! Classes take place at Maiben House in Burlington and are offered on various evenings throughout January, February and March 2022. 

    Classes are offered for two different skill levels:

    DSLR Beginner Level 1
    DSLR Intermediate Level 2

    The DSLR Beginner Level 1 class will cover the basics of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, how to change the settings on your camera and more. The DSLR Intermediate Level 2 class will delve deeper into understanding depth of field, controlling focus, advanced techniques using different shutter speeds for different effects and tips for capturing images using tripods at NIGHT! 

    Class registration is now open online! Please register soon to reserve your spot and get ready to increase your skills at taking great pictures using your DSLR! 
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