• Nonprofit recovery grants available

    May 15, 2021
    The state has released a $10 million Nonprofit Community Recovery grant program for nonprofits with missions focused in the following areas:
    • Arts, cultural, heritage, science, and technology – Primary mission is to offer or promote artistic, creative, cultural, scientific, technology, or heritage programs for the enrichment of their community.
    • Neighborhood association – Primary mission is to make improvements to a community’s social, health, safety, well-being, and overall functioning within a well-defined geographic area.
    • Sports and recreation – Primary mission is to provide sports or physical recreation programs for children and/or adults. Must have designated coaches and organized practices.
    • Veterans – Primary mission is to serve veterans.
    Grants will range from $2,500 to $25,000. The funding is intended to cover expenses incurred by nonprofits due to financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations must either have 501(c)(3) status or fiscal sponsorship by a 501(c)(3), with appropriate documentation since FY2019. To receive funding, nonprofits need to have a 2019 annual operating budget greater than $25,000.

    To learn more and apply, click here