• Outdoor Electronic Scoreboards Installed At Skagit River Park Baseball Fields

    May 17, 2019
    BURLINGTON, WA—May 18, 2019   The 2019 Little League season started with the addition of two new electronic scoreboards at the Skagit River Park baseball fields. Further improvements to the Skagit River sports complex baseball fields include two new scorekeeper booths and improved storage areas. 
    The scoreboards will be used for games and tournaments played on city-maintained fields.
    “The scoreboards mean that spectators are ‘in’ the game more than ever before. Seeing the balls and strikes tallied, the number of outs, what inning it is tracked on the board... it’s a total game changer for the spectators,” says City of Burlington Parks Supervisor Jim Rabenstein.
    Standards for hosting a regional tournament include a scoreboard on the sports field.
    “The opportunity to host a regional Little League tournament allows us to showcase our facility and our city,” says Burlington Parks & Recreation Director Jennifer Berner. “Tournaments hosted in Burlington have a positive economic impact for the city through direct spending at hotels and the city’s varied retail and dining.”
    The scoreboards were made possible by a variety of partnerships.                 
    • The scoreboards were donated by the Labor Management Cooperation Committee representing the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). 
    • The Burlington Parks and Recreation department teamed up with Burlington-Edison Little League to apply for a lodging tax grant to cover installation costs. 
    • All installation labor costs were paid for by the Lodging Tax funds granted to the project.
    • The City of Burlington Parks department and Streets department staff along with City electrician Mark Holland performed all the installation work which kept costs down.
    The score boards would have totaled more than $12,000 for the equipment alone, if Little League or the City of Burlington were to have purchased them.
    The new Skagit River Park baseball field scoreboards double the number of scoreboards in Burlington, from two to four. Two electronic outdoor scoreboards have been in use at Burlington-Edison High School: one at the football field, installed in the 1950s; and one on the baseball field, installed in the 2000s.
    The Burlington Parks and Recreation Department completed the installation of the electronic scoreboards last winter 2018. The new scoreboards each measure 10’ x 6’.
    Burlington Parks and Recreation creates opportunities to be engaged, healthy and active. It provides indoor and outdoor spaces for play, celebration and enjoying nature. Burlington parks, trails and programs serve residents and visitors across the Skagit County, including the annual All-Comer Track Meet events and the Pumpkin Pitch & Harvest Festival.
    If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jimmy Walker, Burlington-Edison Little League VP at 360-770-7752 or pinseeker1@msn.com; Jim Rabenstein, City of Burlington Parks Supervisor, at 360-661-4394 or jimr@burlingtonwa.gov; Jennifer Berner, City of Burlington Parks & Recreation Director at 360-755-9649 or jenniferb@burlingtonwa.gov; Cindy Austin, Executive Manager of the Cascade Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association, at 800-742-6322 or caustin@necascade.com; and Bruno Padilla of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers at 360-419-9378 or Bruno@electric-west.com
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