• Parking lot south of Deception Pass bridge closes until next year

    May 04, 2021

    Visitors wanting access to the bridge will have alternative parking options
    OLYMPIA – April 30, 2021 – Beginning today, Washington State Parks will be closing the entire parking lot just south of the Deception Pass Bridge on State Route 20. The closure will provide safe access for the contracting firm working on extensive bridge painting and repairs. State Parks expects the parking lot to be closed through March 31, 2022.

    Parking options
    Visitors seeking to walk across Deception Pass and Canoe Pass bridges should park at Bowman Bay on the north side of the park, or in the North and West Beach access parking lots on the south side of the bridge.

    View maps of parking alternatives here.

    Note: The parking lot on Pass Island remains closed until further notice to accommodate construction equipment.

    Visitors are asked to avoid parking on the side of the road along SR 20. Shoulders are quite narrow.

    Deception Pass Tours, the concessionaire that usually operates out of the south parking lot during the summer season, will operate out of its main store at 5596 SR 20 — about one mile north of the park on the east side of the highway. Visitors who wish to book a tour can contact Deception Pass Tours at (888) 909-8687.

    In 2019, work began to repaint the Deception and Canoe pass bridges. Prior to this project, the bridges were last painted more than 20 years ago. For more details about the project and to get updates, visit WSDOT’s project web page: SR 20 - Deception Pass and Canoe Pass Bridges - Painting & Special Repair