• Port of Skagit Presents 2023 Preliminary Budget

    November 07, 2022
    The Port of Skagit’s 2023 preliminary budget for capital projects and operations is now available for review.
     A copy of the budget presentation can be downloaded from the Port’s website at www.portofskagit.com  or a printed copy can be picked up at the Port of Skagit Administrative Office at 15400 Airport Drive in Burlington.
    Some of the highlights of the budget include a $50-million capital projects budget, the largest in Port of Skagit history.  More than 94% of that budget will be funded by local, state and federal grants.   Some of the priorities in the 2023 budget include investing in the Port’s workforce and facilities, building infrastructure at Skagit Regional Airport and La Conner Marina, improving land for industrial expansion, more rural fiber optic deployment and value-added agriculture.
    “The Port of Skagit derives the majority of its revenue through the leasing of taxpayer-owned facilities such as the marina, airport and industrial properties.  That revenue supports the Port’s operational work of job creation, business expansion, economic growth, and other public amenities such as the Port’s nature trail system,” stated Port Commission President Dr. Kevin Ware.  “The Port also collects taxes, which as a matter of Commission policy, are only used to improve, maintain, or add to, those publicly-owned facilities. For example, Port taxes on a $400,000 home in 2023 will be about $180 or about 49 cents per day.  Given how the money is used, the Port Commission and Staff regard it as a good public investment.”
    The Port Commission will conduct a public hearing on the 2023 preliminary budget at its regular commission meeting on November 8, 2022, at 2:00 p.m.  Following the public hearing, the Port Commission expects to fix and adopt the final budget for the Port of Skagit for fiscal year 2023.
    Linda Tyler, Communications Director
    LindaT@portofskagit.com, 360-757-0011