• Skagit County Agritourism | Action Planning Session on Thursday, May 5ht

    April 27, 2022
    We hope you can join us May 5th at Skagit Landing (the restaurant up at the Port of Skagit) for an action planning session to put together some proposals to the county for the ongoing agritourism and ag rezoning decisions on the county docket. 
    We'll plan on starting at 9:30am and going to 1:30pm with a no-host working lunch at noon. We'll hear briefly from experts in a couple of the areas we're navigating and then dive into putting ideas against a framework we think will create opportunities and mitigate threats and negative impacts specific to the county's standing proposals. 
    Please share this invitation with any of your colleagues or organizations that share an interest in agritourism, value-added ag, and farm-based hospitality, arts, culture, events, recreation, and entertainment. 
    Our purpose is to get the input and support from as many and as diverse a stakeholder set as possible in order to shape the policy adjustments in such a way that we has business owners and citizens ensure Skagit agriculture and agribusiness becomes/remains approachable and diversified as part of a long-term solution for keeping the Skagit ag economy not only viable but thriving.
    We'll zap out a final agenda next week.
    Many thanks for your time and attention on this critical matter, 
    Andrew and Rachael and the Spinach Bus Team
    Andrew Miller