• Skagit County Small Business Grant Program Information

    July 16, 2020
    Skagit County has set aside $1 million in grant funds to support small businesses impacted by COVID-19. Grants may be up to $25,000 depending on number of employees. Applications will be accepted from July 13 through 5 p.m. July 26. The program is intended for businesses located in Skagit County with 25 or fewer employees. This program is administered by EDASC on behalf of Skagit County.
    Download Application 

    Important: Save the application to your computer then open it in Adobe Acrobat before filling it out. DO NOT complete the application in your web browser.

    • Washington State registered businesses in operation for one (1) year or more, or nonprofit organization in operation for five (5) years or more
    • Business with twenty-five or fewer (1-25) employees, measured as full-time equivalents (FTE’s). Nonprofit organizations are exempt from this requirement.
    • Reduction in business revenue greater than 25% due to COVID-19
    • Currently located in Skagit County, including incorporated areas.
    • Business is not a franchise – unless that franchise is not a subsidiary of a larger corporation and is able to document that it is not a subsidiary
    • Business is not a chain (unless the majority of locations are in Skagit County)
    • Business is not facing any pending litigation or legal action
    • Business is not suspended or debarred from the use of federal funds
    • Business is not delinquent on any taxes
    • Business does not engage in activities that contravene federal law
    • Nonprofits specializing in food distribution, childcare and basic needs are eligible to apply and will be evaluated separately from for-profit businesses. Nonprofit applicants should have experienced significant revenue loss or increased service demands due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Reporting Requirements:
    If selected for funding, small businesses will need to enter into a contract with Skagit County and ultimately report the specific economic and public benefits derived from the program, including:
    • How funds were utilized
      • Reimbursable expenses include costs of the following incurred between March 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020:
        • Facilities including payments towards commercial mortgage, utilities, commercial lease, and other such necessary costs required to keep physical locations open and operable through the COVID-19 crisis. Facility costs must be in the business name only.
        • Cost of goods and general administrative expenses necessary to respond to business interruption caused by required closures. This includes the purchase of equipment or technology upgrades necessary to respond to safety and/or closure requirements.
        • Supplies and expenses associated with safety improvements and personal protective equipment related to the COVID-19 crisis.
      • Ineligible expenses include, but are not limited to:
        • Paying off non-business debt
        • Personal expenses
        • Payroll, benefits, bonuses
        • Tax bills or fines
        • Federal or state expenses
        • Capital expenses (other than above listed eligible items)
        • Land acquisition
        • Office equipment – desks, chairs
        • Purchase of equipment – this includes computers, laptops, monitors, printers, computer related software, unless this equipment is necessary for COVID-19 business adaptation
        • Alcohol, drugs, tobacco
        • Hosting expenses, food, or entertainment
        • Lobbying or political influence
        • Operating expenses associated with changing the business model
    • How funds helped your business survive and/or grow.
    • How many employees were retained due to this funding.
    • How many employees were hired due to this funding.
    • How funds affected revenue generation of your business.
    • How funds affected the sustainability of your business.
    Program Timeline
    • July 13- July 26 – Application submission period.
    • July 26-July 31 – Application Processing. Confirmation of eligibility and verification of documents submitted. Includes checking business licenses.
    • July 31- August 7 – External panel will review applications.
    • August 7 – EDASC submits recommendations to Skagit County for final approval.
    • August 10 – Tentative notification of awards. All awards are pending approval until a contract is executed between Skagit County and the business. Notifications of success or failure will come from Skagit County.
    • September 30 – all eligible expenses must be incurred by this date.
    • October 9 – For successful grant award recipients, all eligible expenses must be submitted to County for reimbursement by this date.
    Submit your completed application or send questions to scgrant@skagit.org.
    For more information please visit https://www.skagit.org/skagit-county-small-business-grant-program