• Skagit Public Health to stop publishing recovered COVID-19 numbers

    September 30, 2020
    Today, Skagit County Public Health announced that they would stop publishing COVID-19 ‘recovery’ numbers on their website. This follows their announcement on June 24, 2020 that due to staff capacity, Public Health would no longer be calling confirmed cases for recovery information. Changes in data collection and daily check-in requirements meant that staff time needed to be reallocated to more urgent needs such as case investigation, contact tracing, and daily monitoring of cases and contacts. Since June 24, recoveries has been a calculated rather than an observed number.

    “It’s just not a very useful number,” Said Public Health Officer Dr. Howard Leibrand. “There is so much we don’t know about COVID-19, and we hear reports of long, drawn out recoveries that go well beyond 28 days. Without staff capacity to be able to do follow up calls, this recovery number is misleading and doesn’t paint the full picture of the true risk of contracting COVID-19.”

    Skagit Public Health will continue to publish confirmed positive cases, hospitalizations and deaths daily at www.skagitcounty.net/coronavirus. This data means:
    • Positive Cases: COVID-19 cases that have been confirmed positive by a RT-PCR laboratory test. Cases are attributed to the day when the individual’s potential case was reported by laboratories or health care providers to Public Health. This is consistent with statewide data.
    • Hospitalizations: COVID-19 cases that were hospitalized at any point during their illness.
    • Deaths: Persons who died because of COVID-19, including those who had additional comorbidities.
    These data definitions are consistent statewide. The Governor’s Risk Assessment Dashboard, which calculates the metrics required to move forward to Phase 3 of the Safe Start – Reopening Washington plan, is available at https://coronavirus.wa.gov/what-you-need-know/covid-19-risk-assessment-dashboard

    If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Public Health at 360-416-1500 or eh@co.skagit.wa.us.
    County Commissioners: Lisa Janicki, Ken Dahlstedt, Ron Wesen
    1800 Continental Place, Suite 100
    Mount Vernon, WA 98273

    (360) 416-1300  |  commissioners@co.skagit.wa.us