• Skagit Transit New Reloadable Reusable TouchPass Bus Fare Payment Method

    January 30, 2020
    Skagit Transit begins February 3, 2020, as part of a commitment to make riding easier than ever shall provide a new way to make instant purchases of transit passes with TouchPass online. The new way to pay allows for prepayment of bus fares.

    Riders can continue to pay cash for bus fares when boarding or use the new TouchPass method with a smart phone or TouchPass Card. Tap the TouchPass card on a bus reader upon boarding the bus or show your smart phone Touchpass QR pattern code.

    Riders can pick up a reloadable TouchPass Card at Skagit Station Customer Service Office at 105 E. Kincaid, Mt Vernon, WA between 830am to 430pm (closed 11am to 12noon). Bus passes can be loaded onto the TouchPass card by visiting www.TouchPass.com or smartphone app users can pay directly using a credit or debit card.

    If your TouchPass Card is registered and gets lost or stolen, a replacement card may be purchased for $3.00 with no loss of the stored bus passes or stored value.
    Skagit Transit riders who qualify for a reduced fare will need to bring documentation to the Skagit Station Customer Service office at Kincaid Street and the Touch Pass payment system will be set up for you either on a card or on your smart phone. Reduced fare is available for seniors, the disabled and youth riders.

    A side benefit of the new TouchPass payment option is that it will streamline the bus boarding process and help buses stay on schedule. TouchPass cards and smart phone app bus payments make boarding stress free.

    For further information about Skagit Transit’s TouchPass bus fare payment system, please call 360-757-4433 or view www.SkagitTransit.org/tp

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