• Skagit Valley College Continuing and Community Education announces new online courses for Winter

    December 22, 2020
    Professional Development | Technology | Health & Wellness | Creativity & Hobbies
    Skagit Valley College’s Continuing and Community Education program (CCE) is pleased to announce new online workshops for Winter Quarter. CCE allows you to engage, connect, learn, and grow from the comfort of your home by offering short-term, non-credit courses. For more information, visit the CCE Winter 2021 Course Catalog at https://www.skagit.edu/continuing-community-education/.
    Courses are designed for you to enjoy online non-credit workshops outside of the traditional classroom setting, with offerings in Professional Development, Technology, Health and Wellness, and Creativity and Hobbies:
    Professional Development —
    • Flagger Certification                                                          
    • Microsoft Access (Hybrid with CIS 147)                                 
    • Microsoft Excel (Hybrid with CIS 146)
    • Flagger Certification
    • Lean Fundamentals Certificate
    • Six Sigma Tools: Level 1 Certificate                                                    
    • Online Courses
    • *Beginners Guide to Getting Published                                
    • *Beginners Guide to Starting a FREE Blog                            
    • *Explore 250 Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas             
    • *Writing for Online Blogs, Magazines, and Websites               
    • $Monetize$ Websites, Blogs, and Social Media with Affiliate Marketing    
    • Earn Extra Money Mystery Shopping                                   
    • Explore 50 Different Self-Publishing Options (prerequisite)      
    • Flagger Certification                                                         
    • Introduction to Screenwriting for Television or Movies             
    • Lean Fundamentals Certificate                                           
    • Make Money with a Virtual Assistant/Word Processing Business (prerequisite)   
    • Meet the Publisher/Agent - Get Your Manuscript Critiqued       
    • Save Money with Extreme Couponing!                                 
    • Six Sigma Tools: Level 1 Certificate                                    
    Personal Enrichment —
    • Castles and Ancient Stones                                
    • Cellphone Cinema                                            
    • Daoist Qigong                                                 
    • Forrest Yoga                                                   
    • Geometry of the Gods                                       
    • Online! Acrylic Painting for a Virtual Community     
    • Seasonal Nutrition                                            
    • Sustainable Gardening (Fruit)                             
    • Tactile Exercises for Stress                                
    • Travel Photography                                          
    • Watercolor Painting                                          
    • Wonders of the Natural, Underwater, and Solar World (Part 1)       
    • Basic Design                                                   
    • Digging up the Past & Writing Stories                                                          
    • Feng Shui for a Healthy House                            
    • Introduction to American Sign Language
    • iPhone Photography                                          
    • Make a Film that Makes a Difference                    
    • Making Teas and Tinctures                                 
    • Memoir Writing                                                
    • Mosaic Mirrors                                                 
    • Portraits like a Pro!                                          
    • Wonders of the Natural, Underwater, and Solar World (Part 2)       
    • Ed2Go Online Courses
    • Acupuncture for Face Muscles, with Ear and Foot Points
    • Lightroom
    SVC’s Continuing and Community Education is also partnering with Ed2Go to provide you with more course opportunities. Check out new areas to in our Ed2Go Course Catalog.  It’s easy to enroll in CCE courses! Visit https://www.skagit.edu/cce  .                             

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