• Smart City Burlington - High Speed Business Fiber Program

    February 03, 2021
    The City of Burlington has built a high-speed fiber network that can deliver world-class fiber optic performance to your business.  We have an “open access” fiber system that means that while the City owns the fiber infrastructure, we lease access to the system to any Internet Service Provider (ISP) - this results in local ISPs competing for your business over the same fiber network.

    What is Fiber Optic? – Rather than metal wires, fiber optics use thin strands of glass to transmit light over very long distances.  It has the capability of carrying 65,000 times more information than standard copper wires.  As a society, we are always connected.  Today, fast and reliable connectivity is no longer a luxury, it is a must.  When internet service is fast and reliable, employees are productive, clients are happy, and business grows.  Think about how often you check emails, download documents, send files, attend video conference calls, visit vendor websites or upload data to cloud-based storage.  Many businesses are opting for high-speed fiber internet service.  Here are the reasons you should also make the switch.

    Fiber Is Faster – Having a fiber platform can make the difference on whether the company can keep up with customer demands, compete in the market, and stay relevant.  Fiber optics is the fastest mode of broadband technology known today.  Fiber optic cables can send information at around two-thirds the speed of light.  Because fiber is delivered through dedicated strands, your uploading and downloading speeds will not be compromised during peak times or during heavy usage.
    Fiber is Scalable and Secure – Compared to other connection options, fiber optics are scalable and can grow with your business.  Not everyone needs Gigabits of internet today; 100 megabits may just work fine for many businesses but you can scale up your needs to as much as 10 Gigabits (a 100-times increase over 100 megabits).  Whatever is required, the ISP provider can supply it over a fiber network.  By making the switch now, you can scale up your needs in the future without investing in new hardware.
    Fiber lines are dedicated from the splitter to the end point which means the service is much more secure with less opportunity for interference.  Fiber optics do not give off any signals.  You can guarantee that your data will be secure because of the fact that there is no way to listen in on the light pulses as they transmit.

    Cloud Access – Cloud computing services have become a major tool for businesses across the globe.  Delays when accessing information to or from the cloud can be problematic.  Whether you are supporting multiple team members, storing or connecting to the cloud, fiber allows high-speed access.
    Fiber is Reliable – Fiber optic is less likely to go down during a power outage.  Because fiber is made of glass, there is no electricity involved.  This protects it from nearby power lines or high voltage electrical equipment.  Fiber is also less likely to be adversely affected by temperature fluctuations and severe weather conditions.

    Fiber Reduces Stress – High speed Fiber increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace.  When conference calls and videos are choppy, data storage and protection slow, or worse – compromised, employees can become frustrated and less productive, which effects the bottom line.  With the bandwidth of high-speed fiber, you can send and receive emails with large attachments, file share with cloud backup, support video conferencing and enhance streaming which will reduce your as well as your employee’s stress.

    City of Burlington and the ISP Providers will install fiber for FREE – The switch to fiber requires an up-front investment – the fiber needs to be physically run from the street into your building.  This final run may be overhead or underground.  The cost of installation varies but for a limited time, through an economic development grant from Skagit County, the City will run the fiber into your business for free.  We have also partnered with many of the ISP providers in Burlington and they are waiving the installation cost.
    Thus, you can get high-speed fiber internet access without any up-front costs.  You will need to switch from your current internet provider to one that supplies fiber-based internet access in Burlington once your installation is complete.  We have listed the current providers below for your reference.  High-Speed Fiber in no longer just a telecommunications industry buzzword – it is a reality and available in the City of Burlington.  Its positive impact on your bottom line demonstrates just how valuable it is to the future of your business.
    If you want to be part of SMART CITY burlington
    • If you have any questions please contact our City Administer, Greg Young, at 360-755-0058
    • Contact the City to apply for fiber installation - Please contact our IT Director, Geoff Hawes, at 360.755.2398 or fiber@burlingtonwa.gov.
    • Once you installation is complete, switch from your cable provider to a fiber ISP provider.  The local ISPs are:
    Pogozone – 360.676.8772
    CSS Communications – 877.671.4878
    Allixo Technologies – 360.848.0810