• SWIB is closing its doors

    December 05, 2022
    It is with sadness that we announce the dissolution of Skagit Women in Business as of December 31st, 2022.

    The Covid-19 pandemic caused a severe lack of attendance and fewer individuals willing to take on leadership roles, resulting in our inability to continue the group. 
    SWIB has been through many generations and although we are a new board, we are so grateful for the foundation paved by the boards and members that have come before us (since 1980!). The pandemic threw us a curve ball and it's been wild ride these last few years. Thank you all for creating something amazing for us to have been a part of.
    A few things to note:
    • Remaining Scholarship Fund: We had a significant balance in the scholarship fund.  Skagit Community Foundation has graciously taken over the fund and created the Skagit Women in Business Legacy Scholarship. They are very excited about it and are already accepting applications (and donations).  Here is the page on their site, please share it and contact SCF if you would like a tabletop display with flyers to promote the fund. 
    • Facebook page to remain active: We truly value all the incredible women in our community and cherish the opportunity to support and connect them, even if that is no longer conducted through SWIB meetings and scholarships. For the moment, the Skagit Women in Business Facebook page will remain active. If any of you have ideas for connecting Skagit women in the future, please post on Facebook or reply to this email (and like SWIB on fb if you want to be notified if ideas come forward). 
    We will have a last  coffee at Valley Grind tomorrow at 7:15 am if you'd like to join us.
    Thanks for the memories you gorgeous Skagit Women in Business!
    Kara Stamback
    Communications Officer
    The organization formerly known as SWIB
    Kara Stamback, Communications Officer