• T-Hangars Not Repairable at Skagit Regional Airport

    January 17, 2019
    Burlington—The Port of Skagit Commissioners met during their regular Commission meeting and discussed the condition of the T-hangar buildings, which were damaged by a significant, destructive weather event on January 6th.
    After consulting with structural engineers, insurance adjusters and legal counsel, the Commission determined that all five T-hangar buildings are beyond repair.  A structural engineering inspection revealed serious damage to all five buildings, including framing damage and racking of the structures, and engineers determined the hangars are no longer fit for occupancy.  
    Dr. Kevin Ware, Port Commission President said, “It was a difficult decision.  We considered the recommendations from the various experts, then decided on the basis of what was in the best interest of public safety. The last thing we want is for someone to get hurt.”
    The Port of Skagit is in the process of reaching out to tenants, to notify them of the decision to terminate leases.  Tenants will have until February 28, 2019 to remove their aircraft and equipment from their leased hangars.
    In light of this event, the Port of Skagit is offering aircraft tie-down service free of charge for three months to tenants effected by this determination.  Tenant rent on effected T-hangars will cease, as of December 31, 2018.
    The Port is committed to working cooperatively with pilot and aircraft owners to help identify opportunities to rebuild privately owned small aircraft hangars at the Skagit Regional Airport.  Tenants, on a seniority basis, will be placed on the top of a wait list for new T-hangar space IF the Port is able to build more T -hangars adjacent to taxiway B or C.
    Patsy Martin, Executive Director
    (360) 757-0011
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