• The SVC Cardinals win the NWAC President's Cup

    December 21, 2018
    We have BIG news!  ~
    Come and CELEBRATE with us!!

    • • •  Saturday, January 19  • • •
    Dave DuVall Pavilion

    Women's Basketball Game @ 4:00 pm
    Program @ 5:45 pm

    Award presented by NWAC Executive Director Marco Azurdia
    Men's Basketball Game @ 7:00 pm
    This is a HUGE honor! The Cardinals have received the President's Cup from the Northwest Athletic Conference, which recognizes our student athletes' for their academic performance! We're so proud of our athletes for their many accomplishments in the classroom and on the court, and we thank our coaches, faculty, and staff who support their success!

    AND, we are honoring the Cardinals tradition of excellence and celebrating SVC's NWAC Hall of Fame members
    Gary Knutzen
    '88 Men’s Soccer Team
    '98 Women’s Basketball Team
    Jim O’Dell
    Dave Ryberg
    Mike Witmer
    '88 Women’s Basketball Team
    '77 & '78 Men’s Soccer Teams
    Joan Armstrong
    Dave Quall
    Leroy Werkhoven
    Wally Sigmar
    Dick Nowadnick
    Tom Keegan
    Marie Sather
    David Wood
    James Ford
    Dennis Gunnel

    Dave DuVall

    Please Join Us! | GO CARDINALS!
    Arden Ainley, Chief Public Information Officer
    (360) 416-7716
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