• The Upper Finney Creek Bridge Project is now complete and Finney Creek Rd has been reopened

    September 11, 2023

    Finney Creek Road at the Upper Finney Bridge, which was built in 1952, has been closed for construction since the summer of 2022. The road has now been reopened at milepost 4.62 after the bridge was retrofitted to strengthen and increase the bridge's structural integrity and capacity to accommodate logging trucks and other heavy equipment. Completion of the project was delayed due to harsh weather, sub-optimal working conditions, and supply chain issues.

    Prior to construction, weight limits had been placed on the bridge. The weight limits meant logging trucks could no longer use the bridge which is a vital link for the forestry industry in eastern Skagit County.

    The project included retrofitting the existing columns, and strengthening the deck, cap beams, girders, and footings to improve performance during a seismic event.

    The completion of this project now reopens the area to both logging and recreational use.

    To find information about the Upper Finney Creek Bridge (Seismic Retrofit) Project, please visit the project webpage at  https://www.skagitcounty.net/Departments/PublicWorksEngineering/roadprojectsMAIN.htm

    Jennifer Swanson, Project Manager
    jennifers@co.skagit.wa.us, 360-416-1400