• Toxic Algae present in Pass Lake

    August 20, 2020
    Until further notice, people should not swim in Pass Lake, drink lake water or allow pets to access the lake water due to the presence of toxic algae. Areas of scum should be avoided while boating. Pass Lake continues to be a catch-and-release only lake.  

    In recent weeks, Skagit County lakes have been showing evidence of significant blue green algae blooms. Water samples at Pass Lake show the presence of blue green algae toxins, including Anatoxin-a and Microcystin.  Anatoxin-a is an acute neurotoxin and Microcystin can cause liver damage. To learn more about cyanobacteria and their toxins please visit EPA website: https://www.epa.gov/cyanohabs

    You can keep up to date on local monitoring efforts, see examples of harmful algae blooms or report a bloom here: https://www.nwtoxicalgae.org/Default.aspx

    If you have additional questions please call Public Health at 360-416-1500.