• Travel restricted over Marblemount Bridge due to Vehicle Loading Concerns

    November 07, 2020

    On Monday, November 1st, Skagit County implemented travel restrictions on the Marblemount Bridge over the Skagit River at Cascade River Road.  A recent load rating analysis found truck weight limits would have to be implemented due to the reduced sufficiency rating of the 90 year old bridge structure.

    In order to allow all legally weighted trucks continued use of the bridge Skagit County has restricted the bridge to a single lane of travel on the center of the bridge. This will allow for safe travel by all legal vehicles, including service vehicles such as propane delivery, garbage pickup, and school bus travel while extending the life of the bridge.

    This traffic change will be in place until the bridge can be repaired. Skagit County will continue to look for funding sources to improve the structural strength of the bridge and/or possible replacement in the future.  Until funding is secured, this is a viable option to allow the use of the bridge by all vehicles and avoid an extended detour route of over 20 miles.

    If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Skagit County Public Works at 360-416-1400.

    County Commissioners: Lisa Janicki, Ken Dahlstedt, Ron Wesen
    1800 Continental Place, Suite 100
    Mount Vernon, WA 98273

    (360) 416-1300  |  commissioners@co.skagit.wa.us