• Washington passes somber milestone: 5,000 COVID deaths

    March 09, 2021

    The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) shares today that the state has marked a devastating milestone. Since the first COVID-related death here on February 29, 2020, more than 5,000 people in Washington have died of COVID-19. The announcement coincides with another milestone - the death of more than 500,000 Americans from the virus that has ravaged communities across the nation and throughout the world.

    Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH, Secretary of Health, asks Washington residents to pause to remember those lost to the pandemic and those they left behind by observing a moment of silence on March 4 at noon or at a time of their choosing.

    “I stand with all Washingtonians who are profoundly impacted by this heartbreaking milestone,” said Secretary Shah. “We extend our deepest sympathy to those who have lost a loved one. We honor their lives and are united in grief and sorrow.”

    New data from the Washington State Department of Health appear to show that COVID-19 deaths, infections, and hospitalizations are decreasing. An increasing number of vaccines is also cause for optimism. However, now is not the time to let down our guard. 

    “The sad truth is that this pandemic is not over,” said Secretary Shah. “But there is also hope. We have the power to stop the spread of this virus. Please wear a mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance. It’s up to all of us to protect our families and communities. We will heal. We will recover. And we will never forget those we have lost.”