• Washington state’s bag-ban in effect

    October 08, 2021
    Washington’s single-use plastic bag ban went into effect on October 1. 
    If a retailer supplies a bag, they must charge an 8¢ per bag pass-through fee, which the retailer keeps. Stipulations prohibit reimbursing customers for the fee and exceptions for charging the fee. The kinds of bags retailers can supply for the 8¢ fee: 
    ·         Large paper carryout bags made with 40% recycled content.  
    ·         Thick reusable plastic carryout bags made with 20% recycled content and a minimum of 2.25 mil thick film.  
    The kinds of bags retailers can supply free of charge: 
    ·         Small paper bags 
    ·         Small plastic bags designed for produce, meat, bulk foods, bakery goods, etc. 
    ·         Plastic bags designed for flowers, newspapers, dry cleaning, etc. 
    Read more about limitations on carryout bags. Download the bag ban toolkit. 

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