• Winter 2020 Classes and Events through Burlington Parks and Recreation

    December 26, 2019
    Learn all the basic skills needed to be a great babysitter! Topics include: age characteristics of children, behavior management, general infant and toddler care, play ideas, safety issues and what to do in emergency situations. Also, helpful information on finding sitting jobs and how to work with parents to ensure success. Basic first aid is covered (no CPR) with a certificate of completion. Instructor: Camp Fire Samish Staff. REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    10-14 yrs            9am-4pm           Parks & Rec Center        Min 8|Max 15
    1374                    Saturday             January 18                        $48
    1375                     Saturday             March 7                             $48
    Great class for KIDS and adults! Carve and paint your own half size Goose Decoy. Choices are: Brant, Canadian Goose, or Snow Goose. Receive complete training on carving a cork body and wooden head and instruction on texture painting with oil paints. Instructor: Kurt Benson, Washington Brant Foundation. *Youth 12 & under must have adult present. REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    10 yrs & up*      5pm-7pm           Community Center        Min 4|Max 10
    1372                    Wednesdays      March 4-April 22             $40 (Youth 10-17)
    1373                    Wednesdays      March 4-April 22             $60 (Adult)
    How to Capture Awesome Images with your DSLR Camera—Beginners Level 1
    Quality photography starts with understanding how to set your camera exposure manually to master aperture, shutter speed and bracketing the exposure. Students must have a DSLR camera with removable lenses (as opposed to point and shoot cameras with no removable lenses).  REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    12 yrs & up*      6pm-8pm           Parks & Rec Center        Min 4|Max 16
    1365                     Thursday             January 16                        $45
    1366                    Tuesday              February 4                        $45
    1368                    Tuesday              April 7                                $45
    12 yrs & up*      10am-12pm      Parks & Rec Center        Min 4|Max 16
    1367                    Saturday             March 7                             $45
    How to Capture MORE Awesome Images with your DSLR Camera—Intermediate Level 2
    Learn advanced photography techniques on your DSLR: sharp focus throughout your entire image, use of a tripod, quality night images – plus more practice honing your technique. Prerequisites: DSLR Beginners Level 1 OR be very comfortable shooting in manual mode with your DSLR. REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    12 yrs & up*      6pm-8pm           Parks & Rec Center        Min 4|Max 16
    1369                     Thursday             February 20                      $45
    1370                    Tuesday              March 17                          $45
    Photography Composition and Basic Editing
    Having an ‘eye’ for photography is definitely an acquired skill! Learn subject placement, use of horizon, reflections, leading lines, the Rule of Thirds, framing and more. Image editing doesn’t need to be intimidating once you know how to crop, adjust color, use filters, and all sort of tricks to make your images pop. REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    12 yrs & up*      6pm-9pm           Parks & Rec Center        Min 4|Max 16
    1371                     Thursday             March 26                           $45
    *Youth 15 yrs & under must have adult present
    Hoopster Tots for ages 2-5. Learning basketball is fun with tot-geared classes on dribbling, shot technique, passing and teamwork. Appropriately-sized basketballs and adjustable hoops are used to fit the age and provide just the right amount of challenge.
    This parent-participation class uses a variety of props, songs and games to engage kids. Simple hand-eye, and movement skills are developed using games with appropriately-sized, safe equipment.
    2-3 yrs                 9am-9:50am                    Burlington Comm Ctr                   Min 4|Max 12
                                 Saturdays                          January 18-February 22                $90       
    Skyhawks uses a variety of fun games to develop balance, movement, and basketball skills as well as listening to instructions. Very active and fun.
    3-4 yrs                 9:55-10:45am                  Burlington Comm Ctr                  Min 4|Max 12
                                 Saturdays                          January 18-February 22                $90                     
    Four and five year old kangaroos play challenging age-appropriate skill-development games as well as get introduced to basic basketball concepts. Weekly scrimmages for a portion of the class.
    4-5 yrs                 10:50-11:40am                Burlington Comm Ctr                   Min 4|Max 12
                                 Saturdays                          January 18-February 22                $90
    Instructor: Skyhawks Sports Academy. Register online www.skyhawks.com
    Not all exercise is suitable for everyone—always consult your doctor before beginning this or any new exercise program. Instructor reserves the right to evaluate student’s ability to participate in the class.
    Explore our Northwest parks and trails. Meet new people, discover new trails, and visit some favorites. Walking trails are chosen that are easy to moderate, between 2 to 4 miles and under 300 ft of elevation. Participants must be able to walk a steady moderate to brisk pace for one to two hours. Enjoy Skagit, Island, Whatcom & Snohomish paths with Burlington Parks & Recreation staff. Transportation provided. REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    18 yrs & up        9am-Noon         Parks & Rec Center                      Min 8|Max 18
    1376                     Thursdays           Jan 23, 30, Feb 6, 13, 20                             $65 (5-walk series)
    1377                    Thursdays           Feb 27, March 5, 12, 19, 26         $65 (5-walk series)
    A low-impact way to exercise both mind and body. Learn a pattern of choreographed steps performed to a variety of music styles as dancers line up in rows without partners. Get some exercise, meet new people and have fun. Instructor: Kim Hargrove, Happy Valley Dance. REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    13 yrs & up        7pm-8pm           Community Center        Min 8|Max 30
    1378                     Tuesdays            January 7-28                    $20 (4 weeks)
    1379                    Tuesdays            February 4-25                  $20 (4 weeks)
    1380                    Tuesdays            March 3-31                       $25 (5 weeks)
    Drop-In               Tuesdays            Jan-Mar                             $6 (single class)
    New pricing structure! Taught in ‘flow style’ that moves from posture-to-posture with the breath. Suitable for all levels, each class offers: Warm Up, Work Phase, Deep Stretching followed by Deep Relaxation. The practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) helps bring peace to the mind and body. Instructor: Sherry Thostenson, Yoga Fit Trained Instructor and/or Amy Cheadle, Yoga Fit Level 1. REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    16 yrs & up        5:30pm-6:45pm              Parks & Rec Center        Min 5|Max 25
    1381                    Thursdays                         Jan 9-March 26                $60 (10 classes)*
    1382                    Thursdays                         Jan 9-March 26                $45 (6 classes)*
    1383                    Thursdays                         Jan 9-March 26                $10 (single class)*
    *Classes purchased must be used between Jan 9-March 26.
    Good news, No gym membership necessary. This high-intensity class tones and builds muscle. Kick up your metabolism by alternating strength and cardio intervals. It’s aimed at maximizing calorie burn during and after your workout. Instructor: Amy Cheadle, Yoga Fit Level 1 and ACE Group Fitness Certified REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    13 yrs & up        5:30pm-6:30pm              Parks & Rec Center        Min 5|Max 25
    1384                    Tuesdays                           January 14-March 17     $80 (10 weeks)
    1385                    Tuesdays                           January 14-March 17     $50 (5-week punch card)
    1398                    Tuesdays                           January 14-March 17     $12 Single Class
    RELAX & REJUVENATE WITH SOUND HEALING                     
    Guided relaxation and gentle yoga open to men and women. Begin with a short meditation, then move into some gentle yoga to stretch our bodies and unwind from stress. Guided relaxation and extended gong and crystal bowl sound bath. Give yourself the gift of a deeply relaxing and healing evening. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one, blanket and bolster to make yourself comfortable.
    Instructor: Kristine Allen & Roger Tjoelker REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    13 yrs & up        6:30pm-8pm     Parks & Rec Center        Min 6|Max 30
    1386                    Wednesday        January 22                        $20
    1387                    Wednesday        February 26                      $20
    1388                    Wednesday        March 25                          $20       
    Friday, February 7
    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
    Burlington Community Center, 1011 Greenleaf Avenue
    Tickets: $22 per couple, additional daughters $6 each
    Min 50|Max 140 Registration Code: 1389
    Bring your dancing shoes and camera to capture this magical night. Yummy desserts and snacks plus everyone’s favorite tunes to keep the party moving on the dance floor. Raffle tickets and professional 3x5 photo included in ticket price. REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649

    Saturday, March 14
    Burlington Parks & Rec Center, 900 E. Fairhaven Avenue
    Sellers: $20 per booth
    Min 10|Max 20 Registration Code: 1390
    Sign up for a booth indoor or outdoor! Buy, sell or trade used outdoor gear. Registered swappers have the chance to wheel & deal with each other 30 minutes before doors open the public. Free entry for shoppers. REGISTER online burlingtonwa.gov/parksandrec 360-755-9649
    Burlington Residents Swim for Free
    The City of Burlington partnered with the Skagit Valley YMCA to fund free swim dates for Burlington residents at the new YMCA facility in Mt. Vernon. The facility offers a competition pool open for lap swims plus a Lazy River, Kids Aqua Play Zone and a recreational pool with basketball hoops.
    When: 3rd Saturday of each Month (Jan 18, Feb 15 & March 21)
    Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
    Fee: Free to Burlington in-city residents (present your Driver’s License or Utility Bill at front desk for entry). Questions? Call Skagit YMCA 360.336.9622
    Location: Skagit Valley Family YMCA, 1901 Hoag Road, Mount Vernon
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