• Letter to the Governor regarding the Long-Term Care Tax

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    In September of 2021 the Burlington Chamber of Commerce joined the Association of Washington Businesses and over 120 other Washington State organizations to send a letter directly to Governor Jay Inslee. This letter was sent regarding the Long-Term Care Tax calling for bipartisan legislative leadership to convene to discuss concerns with the tax and consider pausing the implementation of collection of the payroll tax. These concerns include:
    • No clear definition of which long-term care products qualify for opt-out
    • Near-term retirees and WA State workers who live in bordering states will be required to pay in without ever realizing benefit
    • The opt-out process won’t be in operation in time for WA State residents who have long-term care coverage to avoid paying the tax beginning Jan. 1, 2022
    • Securing long-term care coverage has been extremely difficult for WA state residents
    Read the full letter HERE.
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