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  • HB 1002COVID Relief

    Providing a business and occupation tax exemption for qualifying grants related to COVID-19 relief.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring:  LekanoffRamelPaul,

    HB 1334COVID Relief

    Making appropriations to revive our economy and accelerate a lasting recovery for Washington.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring:  Eslick,  Gilday

    HB 1343 – COVID Relief

    Providing employer relief in unemployment insurance by relieving COVID-19-related benefit charges, providing contribution relief, making appropriations to rebuild the unemployment trust fund and making clarifying changes.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: EslickGilday

    HB 1536 - Education

    Establishing regional apprenticeship programs through educational service districts.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Gilday

    SB 5862 - Environment

    Passed Senate Chamber

    Passed House Chamber

    Signed and effective 3/17/2022

    Concerning technical changes to the commercial property assessed clean energy and resiliency program.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Lovelett

    HB 1770 – Environment 

    Strengthening energy codes.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Ramel

    HB 1117 - Environment

    Promoting salmon recovery through revisions to the state's comprehensive planning framework.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Lekanoff,  Ramel

    SB 5619 - Environment

    Passed Senate Chamber

    Passed House Chamber

    Signed and effective 6/9/2022

    Conserving and restoring kelp forests and eelgrass meadows in Washington state.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Lovelett

    By Request: Department of Natural Resources

    Companion Bill: HB 1661

  • SB 5396 - Farming - Passed Senate & House Chambers

    Expanding the sales and use tax exemption for farmworker housing.

    Sponsors: Lovelett

    HB 1912 - Finance

    Repealing the capital gains income tax.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Gilday,  Eslick

    Companion Bill: SB 5696

    SB 5668Gas Companies

    Modifying the regulation of gas companies to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Lovelett

    By Request: Office of the Governor

    Companion Bill: HB 1766

    HB 1158 - Government

    Limiting unilateral actions by the executive branch in emergencies.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: EslickSutherland

    SB 5458 - Government

    Concerning public contracts with small businesses.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Wagoner

    HJR 4203 - Government

    Amending the Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote of the legislature to raise taxes.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Sutherland

    HB 1594Health

    Repealing the long-term services and supports trust program.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: EslickGilday

    SB 5638 - Health

    Passed Senate Chamber

    Concerning expediting approval for applicants for an associate license as a social worker, mental health counselor, or marriage and family therapist.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Wagoner

    HB 1182Health/Safety

    Enhancing and expanding behavioral health and suicide prevention crisis response services.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: LekanoffPaul

    Companion Bill: SB 5209

  • HB 1321Health/Safety

    Concerning safely reopening Washington.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: EslickGilday

    Companion Bill: SB 5114

    HB 1558 – Health/Safety

    Promoting recovery and improving public safety by providing behavioral health system responses to individuals with substance use disorder and providing training to law enforcement personnel.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring:  EslickGilday

    HB 1065Health/Safety

    Concerning epidemic or pandemic vaccines.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Eslick

    SB 5012 - Housing

    Providing a local government option for the funding of essential affordable housing programs.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: Lovelett

    HB 1157Housing

    On Floor Calendar

    Increasing housing supply through the growth management act and housing density tax incentives for local governments.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring:  GildayEslickLekanoff

    Companion Bill: SB 5390

    HB 1263 - Infrastructure

    Concerning rural infrastructure.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring:  EslickGilday

    HB 1589 - Safety

    Concerning the authority of peace officers to use physical force.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring:  EslickGilday

    HB 1608 - Transportation

    Identifying and removing barriers to employment with the Washington state ferries.

    Skagit Representatives Sponsoring: EslickGilday